T Shuttle

Direct city to city transport with Tesla cars

Current connections:
Wroclaw-Berlin-Wroclaw (daily)

Berlin Wroclaw

11.30am Berlin
3pm Wroclaw

Price per ticket: 100€

Wroclaw Berlin

4pm Wroclaw
7.30am Berlin

Price per ticket: 100€

Direct city to city transport.

Other connections

Please contact us on WhatsApp to organize other on-demand connections from Berlin or Wroclaw.


TShuttle = Comfort

Comfier than a plane - going to the airport, through security, waiting for the plan, boarding the plane, deboarding the plane... or driving oneself. and the Tesla Shuttle is even cheaper!


TShuttle = Convenience

Get picked up: direct city-to-city transport with a Tesla.


TShuttle = Clean

Riding in an electric Tesla is one of the quietest ways to travel from city to city, and it's also one of the cleanest. You ride in comfort while avoiding carbon emissions and not polluting the air.

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